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Grade 10 Course Selection Form 2012 For course selection purposes. Microsoft Office document icon mvhs_grade_10_course_registration_form_2012.doc Memo Mar 20, 2012
Students Entering Grade 11 Course Selection File grade11course.docx Memo Mar 19, 2014
Updated MVHS Course Brochure In this brochure, you will find the list of courses offered at MVHS as well as a description of each one.  This will help you with your course selections for the 2012-2013 school year. File courses.docx Memo Mar 14, 2012
Students Entering Grade 10 Course Selection File grade10.docx Memo Mar 19, 2014
MVHS Course Handbook 2014/2015 File course_handbook.docx Memo Mar 19, 2014
2015-2016 School Improvement Plan File miramichi_valley_high_school_improvement_plan_2015.docx Memo Nov 26, 2015
School Calendar All the dates you need this school year. Microsoft Office document icon calendar_2013-2014.doc Memo Sep 11, 2013
MVHS 2013-2014 Student Handbook Microsoft Office document icon student_handbook_2013-2014.doc Memo Aug 27, 2013
Math Tutors: 2011-12 PDF icon tutoring_list_11-12.pdf Memo Oct 20, 2011
June Exam 2013 Day 4 Office spreadsheet icon day_4_june_2013.xls Memo May 24, 2013
June Exam 2013 Day 3 Office spreadsheet icon day_3_june_2013_0.xls Memo May 24, 2013
June Exam 2013 Day 2 Office spreadsheet icon day_2_june_2013_0.xls Memo May 24, 2013
New Employee Orientation Package Upon your first day of working at Miramichi Valley High School in any capacity, we ask that you read the following information (found in attachment).  Upon arriving at the school, please see the admin assistant (Kathy Sonier) to sign in and discuss the package with a supervisor.  Thank you. File mvhs_new_worker_orientation_package.docx Memo Jan 21, 2015
June Exam 2013 Day 1 Office spreadsheet icon day_1_june__2013_0.xls Memo May 24, 2013
2011-12 Mathematics Wall of Excellence PDF icon wall_of_excellence_2011-12.pdf Memo Sep 27, 2012
Mathematics Wall of Excellence 2010-11 Honourees Congratulations to the following list of names for achieving a mark of at least 90% in a Mathematics course at Miramichi Valley High School last year. PDF icon wall_of_excellence_2010-11_0.pdf Memo Apr 30, 2012
June, 2014 Exam Schedule Office spreadsheet icon final_exam_schedule_june_2014.xls Memo May 29, 2014
2009-10 Wall of Excellence Honourees PDF icon wall_of_excellence_2009-10.pdf Memo Sep 16, 2010
NB High School Mathematics Curriculum Summary File nov_2011_nb_hs_math_curriculum_summary.docx Memo Mar 20, 2012
Academic Incentive Program PDF icon academic_incentives_2010-11_0.pdf Memo Sep 15, 2010


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