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Updated MVHS Course Brochure In this brochure, you will find the list of courses offered at MVHS as well as a description of each one.  This will help you with your course selections for the 2012-2013 school year. File courses.docx Memo Mar 14, 2012
School Calendar All the dates you need this school year. Microsoft Office document icon calendar_2013-2014.doc Memo Sep 11, 2013
MVHS 2013-2014 Student Handbook Microsoft Office document icon student_handbook_2013-2014.doc Memo Aug 27, 2013
June Exam 2013 Day 4 Office spreadsheet icon day_4_june_2013.xls Memo May 24, 2013
School Entry Procedures File safety_protocols.docx Newsletter May 15, 2015
2012 Semester 1 Exam Day 2 Office spreadsheet icon day_2_january_2012.xls Newsletter Jan 10, 2012
Grad Newsletter Microsoft Office document icon gradnewsletter_15.doc Newsletter Apr 9, 2015
2012 Semester 1 Exam Day 1 Office spreadsheet icon day_1_january_2012.xls Newsletter Jan 10, 2012
Encounters with Canada                                                           Encounters with Canada               Encounters with Canada is a one-week program of Canadian studies held at the Terry Fox Canadian             Youth Centre in Ottawa.  Its objective is to bring young Canadians from different backgrounds and             regions together in order to give them an opportunity to learn about one another, to discover their       country through each other and to gain a better understanding of Canadian institutions.  Encounters         with Canada is the largest youth forum in Canada. Microsoft Office document icon ewc20information2020121.doc Newsletter May 1, 2013
2014-2015 School Improvement Plan Our School Improvement Plan.  Contact Shawn Wood if you have any questions. File school_improvement_plan_2014-2015_0.docx Newsletter Aug 28, 2014
April Guidance Newsletter PDF icon april_guidance_newsletter_0.pdf Newsletter Apr 10, 2011
Grad Newsletter Microsoft Office document icon gradnewsletter_13.doc Newsletter Apr 17, 2013
MVHS Student Handbook 2014-2015 Guidelines and information for students.  Updated regularly. Microsoft Office document icon student_handbook_2014-2015.doc Newsletter Aug 25, 2014
March Guidance Newsletter PDF icon march_guidance_newsletter_0.pdf Newsletter Mar 2, 2011
January and February Guidance Newsletter PDF icon januaryfebruary_guidance_newsletter.pdf Newsletter Jan 31, 2011
Graduation Newsletter 2012 Microsoft Office document icon gradnewsletter_12.doc Newsletter May 1, 2012
MVHs Course Handbook 2014/2015 File course_handbook_0.docx Newsletter Mar 25, 2014
December Guidance Letter PDF icon december_guidance_newsletter.pdf Newsletter Dec 1, 2010
PSSC October Minutes Microsoft Office document icon october2010minutes.doc Newsletter Nov 8, 2010
November Guidance Newsletter PDF icon november_guidance_newsletter1.pdf Newsletter Nov 2, 2010


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