Mount Allison University Opportunity Scholars Program

Posted: April 27, 2012

Mount Allison University launched a pilot program to specifically target rural male students in grade 11 who we believe have the ability to succeed in university, but for a number of reasons, may be at risk for continuing through high school and on to university.  It is well known there are a many reasons why young, rural males do not attend university or any post-secondary education. These include lack of academic preparedness, first-generation considerations, lack of knowledge as to the benefits/costs of university education and poor peer support, among others.  Our program addresses these issues and others through the targeted programming, and with residential experiences where we host a summer camp here in Sackville at Mount Allison University for 5 days, all expenses paid, and lastly an extensive role modeling with our Student Mentors. It is our goal to increase participation and success by N.B. rural males in University Education.  Please contact the Guidance office for more information.  Or email


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