Presentation Rubric

Posted: May 20, 2014

This is what I will be using to mark the upcoming presentations.  Format: 20 - 25 minutes in length decide as a group what program (PowerPoint, Prezi, SMART, MovieMaker). must have an activity no longer 5 minutes introduction, history/background, each participant presents on their topic, activity, summary Schedule: Tuesday, May 27 - Group #1:  Sarah Martin, Chase Corcoran, Emily Dawson, Alyssa Knight                               Group #2:  Jared Mullin, Zach Legere, Justine Girouard, Jacob Smith, Jonathan Ginnish Wednesday, May 28 - Group #1:  Rebecca Matheson, Julia Augustine, Brianne McKay, Kaitlyn King                                     Group #2:  Zach Adams, Sereena Rambaran, Bryson Savard, Devan Sharma  Thursday, May 29- Group #1:  Myles Messer, Taylor Jennings, Makayla Newman, Aidan Boudreau  


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