#2016 Heat Press (Leigha and Jenna)

November 17th

Journal #1

Business Model

November 30th

Journal #2

This week we worked on an assignemt that Mr. Hallihan asked us to do. We're using Silloulette to create names, numbers and a logo for a hockey team Mr. Hallihan's niece plays on. We're Vinyl cutting the names and stuff and putting them on card stock so they can slide them into the front of their hockey bags. A trouble we're having is some of the names are'nt cutting out right and sometimes even after we place the names on they somehow manage to peel off, so we would have to, once again, vinyl cut what we lost or what wasn't cut out right.

Here is the list of names we have to print out.

December 8th

Journal #3

Once again this week Jenna and I are working on the same project for Mr. Hallihans niece's hockey team. We have all of the names printed out and now we're working on taking out the parts of the letters that don't have to be there. Once we have that completed we will take transfer tape and take off the names and transfer them to the card stock. An issue we had to overcome was a problem that we definitely could have avoided. When we were cutting out the names we accidentally cut one of the names we had printed off in half, so we had to fo that one over again. We had one problem and it happened when Jenna and I were absent (Moday and Tuesday of this week we had to unfourtuntely miss Maker Space because we had to teach dances fourth period to grade nine and ten gym classes). Someone tried putting the names and numbers on the card stock without us and they lost some of the letters and numbers that we needed, so we had to print them again. Yesterday we started something called "hour of coding" it is a website Mr. Hallihan Introduced us to and if we completecertain things on that website we can earn tech points.
Here is the new "Hour of Coding" website we were just introduced to.
Journal #4
This week Mr. Hallihan got us to make T-shirts for the resource room and after we finished that task we made T-shirts for Mr. Hallihans girls for Christmas. We used the heat press to do these projects and we learned how to work with that, Devon and Timmy helped us figure out how to use it and switch between using the platform for the T-shirts and the piece to make mugs. While using the silhouette program we learned that we needed to flip our writing on the shirts horizontally so that they'll print out right. For the resource T-shirts we printed out some MV logos and their last names and picked the extra vinyl off of it and then transfered it over to the heat press. For Mr. Hallihans Christmas present we did the same thing put printed out the numbers 24 and 25 for the years they're going to be in grade 9. 
Journal #5
Leigha's Individual Journal
Jenna's Individual Journal