#2016 Patrick and Ryersan 3D Printing Phone Cases

 11/17/2016 Journal 1

Business plan 

  12/22/2016 Journal 4

This week Ryersan and I worked away at our project at trying to figure out the 3D printer. We are having a lot of trouble with the print quality such as lots of fraying on the finished print and also the printer speed going too fast and screwing up details that we need to complete the prints.

To try and solve this Ryersan and i keep printing with a trail and error method. We continue to keep printing stuff and jotting down notes to remember print settings for the next time we use the primter with that filament

Also we had sucsess with the 3D printed toilet paper keys. After manby times of trying to get it to come out perfect i figured out that the print speed was really effecting the quaility of the print. We also noticed that the design had a flaw in the fact that parts of the print were trying to print in mid air causing dipping in the print and lots of warping. To fix this I thought it would be smart to use pillars to keep the print stable and after the print was finshed we could remove them so they don't effect the print. It worked really well and now we are producing a butt load of them so the janitors can use them freely. 

We hope in the following weeks Ryersan and i get a better understanding of the 3D printer and we hope to figure out more ways to use it so we get our desired prints.