2016 Retro Arcade (Logan)

Journal #5 October 24th

This week I began to work on getting the joysticks for the Raspberry Pit working however the configuration file I needed to make changes to don’t exist in the files of the Pie. I still haven’t figured out how to fix this but I’m working towards it. I am currently trying to get the school tech Mr. Loggie in to help me find my missing file.

Images (These will be updated weekly)

Journal #4 October 14th

This week I began connecting my Raspberry Pi to the Arcade box and installed the Raspian Lite OS. I have the arcade working with a pair of stereo speakers however the sound quality is quite bad. We had a very large issue with the Raspberry Pi because the installed operating system was corrupted and the Pi would not boot properly. The tech came in on Thursday and we fixed the issue.

Adding Controls to the Raspberry Pi

Journal #3 September 30th 

This week I completed Level 1 of my modified Mario ROM, I also worked to try to get the Oculus Rift working but sadly that did not succeed. Over the weekend at the Pumpkin Fling the team and I worked to earn first place and secure 1000$ for our school.

There were no bugs this week that I had to overcome, the programs I used were working perfectly and I hit no snags.

Images for the week.

Sept. 23rd Journal #2 1. What is a Makerspace? A Makerspace is a place where you can go to create new things, design robots, build a new circuit board or just experiment with new technology.

2. What Technology did you find most interesting and why? I found the Oculus Rift to be the most interesting technology because Virtual Reality is real and it can make scenarios that in the real world would be physically impossible be possible. Also the Oculus has a huge reputation in gaming and there are many games these days that support the Rift and many more are giving the Rift support every day.

3. What is your project idea? My project idea is to develop a new game for use on the arcade machine, it will be a modification of Super Mario World developed by Nintendo in the 90s I feel that doing this will provide a new experience for people who want to play retro games while still having a new experience.

4. What is your first task when we start working in the lab on Monday? My first task when we start working will be to find myself a computer, from there I will have all the tools I need to continue development on my game.

Sept. 20 th Journal #1 Project Proposal ROM Status