#2016 Under Water Robotics Dickson/Kingston

Journal 1-


Journal 2-

This week has been a pretty busy week Garret and I Started to Research the underwater Robot so we took it down to teh pool and tried it out we figured out how to use the contoller and the weight distribution we put weight on the bottom on the back which it evened out whenever we drove it straight and with the weight addition we were able to make it to the bottom of the pool. but we realized that when it came back to the surface there were air bubbles coming from it, and it ended up being the back container with the wiring which wasnt good cause it was filled with water. so we will have to will the potential holes with silicone. also yesterday two profs from university de moncton came in an took videos and asked us questions about what we were working on and at the time Garret, Ben, Ben and i were working on the MVHS Makerspace sign! 

Journal 3-

this week we took a short break on the underwater robot and went back to vinyl cutting for Mr. Hallihan and made and designed a sign for the makerspace we printed it and peeled and stuck it to a sign that will later be hung outside the class.

Journal 4-

this week we finished off the makerspace sign so it is ready to be hung up,we also started to work on the robot again we started to learn how to build our shroud on tinker cad we had a couple problems we had to make bigger holes and screw holes our first print we had a miss print because we forgot to make an arm up to the top of our shroud so it had no where to print it was trying to print in mid air and eventually slide right off the platform so adjustments will be made so that it will not happen again.