2016 Vinyl Cutting Dickson/Kingston


Journal 5


Garret and I experienced some diffiulties with the viynl cutter this week we had to try and print a silloutte or john prine but had a hard time because at first we had to try and erase the middle of the outline. but after that we figured out we could trace it twice to get the outline and make it big to fit on the guitar. also at the beguinning of the week we went to NBCC to listen to Alex Mclean speak about his lifeand how he is an entrepreneur. and me and garret finished our tinkercad assignments.


Journal #4

Oct 18th 

Jon and me we worked on printing stickers for Mr. Hallihan’s guitar. We printed off pictures of John Prines signatures and a silhouette of him. We ran into some problems at first, we peeled the wrong parts but then we even figured out something better to do we put a boarder around him to make the details better and way easier for us to peal. This week we also went over to NBCC Miramichi to listen to Alex Mclean speak about his career and his business 


Journal #3

Sept 30th 2016

This week In the maker space Garret and I started to experiment with the Vinyl cutter we made some different stickers and experienced some difficulties transfering it to another sticker but eventually we got the hang of it. Also we started making a promotional video for the Football team.


Journal #2

What is a makerspace?

- A Maker Space is where people gather to create, invent and learn many differnt things.

What technology did you find most interesting and why?

-We found that the cameo silhouette vinyl cutter was very interesting, when we demoed it in class it stood out as a project we would like to start, learn and create many different things.

What is your project idea?

-Are project ideas are to help male different signs for around the school, and to create different little projects along the way to are final project on making a design using stecills and spray paint.

What is your first task when we start working in the lab on monday?  

-To figure out completely how to use all of the technology and to explore new things using the vinyl cutter.

Sept 20th 2016 Project proposal and pictures