2016 Wearables

September 20th Journal #1 Project Proposal

September 27th Jourmal #2

1. Maker space is a lab where there is a bunch of technologie that is free for you to use to express your creativity. You can try out new things like a 3d printer, a drone, 360 fly or you can even use visual reality goggles. 

2. The technologie that we find the most interesting is the 360 fly, It's hard to believe that there's a camera that you can actually videotape the things around you. The first time i saw a 360 fly video was the other day in Mr. Hallhian's class and I was not expecting what I saw at all, being able to turn the camera around seeing the things he and Mr. Svarc were seeing while they were fishing, it was really cool.

3. The project were working on is something called "wearbales", we plan on turning normal clothing into something really awesome, clothes that light up.

4. Our first task when we start working on monday is to read the book that was provided to us from the MakerSpace room. this book teaches us all about the way to make wearables and how they work. 

September 30th Journal #3

This week Jenna and I made stickers with the vinyl printer, as well as reaserched and read about our wearables project.     


 Journal #4

This week Mr. Hallihan gave us three different websites that show us all about Flora and Adafruit. We started to learn different things about coding and now we have all the steps on how to use our technology to fit our project. We had some issues with finding the link to Adafruit for coding so the tech guy came in and helped us with that problem.


Journal #5

On Monday we went to NBCC and watched a presentation put on by Alex Maclean, the creator of the famous brand "East Coast Lifestyle". He told us that it all started in his buissness class when they had to create their own company. It was really cool, I'm glad we went. The next day we were not in Maker Space class because we went to Harkins for Leadership class,we stayed there from 11-5 and helped around the school. We finally figured out a project idea and it is to get a tie and base it off of Halloween. We're going to put a microphone in it that is voice activated and as your screams get louder more lights light up. One trouble we had this week was figuring out were to put which aligator clips, Mr. Hallihan came to our rescue and helped us out.