##2017 Vinyl Cutter Nina Vera

June 2 - Journal #4

We finisched the drag team t-shirts,which was out biggest order so far, about 25 t-shirts for the MVHS drag team. We had to use the heat press, but we made a mistake with the sizes and the names, but we figured it out and got them all done,with a little bit of help. Now, we're doing our own final project, which is what we've been waiting for during all these months. We have a black and a white t-shirt and a hoodie for each of us. We've done the black ones, and we have just a week to finish the white ones and the hoodies, so we don't have a lot of time. Although, we are very happy with the results so far, and looking forward to finish everything up and take it home with us.




May 9 - Journal #3

We finished our last project, the cups. It was not that difficult to use the heat press. We just forgot a few times that we have to wait until the cup is completely cooled down to put on the second color, otherwise the second vinly would go on the hot cup and we could not change the place, where we wanted it. But now we figured it out and are pretty confident with the heat press. We started our new project too, we are doing the Shirts for the drag team. We cutted the logo and tried to peel it, but we had some issues with it, we used the double cut, but it is really hard to peel it off. We are getting forward. The next step would be to use the heat press and put it on the shirts.




March 30 - Journal #2

 We learned how to use the heat press and a diffrent kind of vinyl. We were cutting the vinyl as usual, and we were heading up the press. With the next step we placed the vinyl and the hat with a protection over it and then press the heat press down. Every time we are using the heat prewss we have to make sure that it is fliped when we printing it. We has some issues with the lenght of the time, and how the vinyl turned out on the hats. Sometimes it was hard to peel the vinyl, because the blade is losing the power after time.


March 23 - Journal #1

During the last weeks we've been learning how to use the vinyl cutter(using the Silhouette Studio), making stickers for the classroom's door and for the laptop and their charger cables. It's easier than we expected and pretty fun. We tried different vinyls,which are different to peel off and cut and some of them were too sticky so it was difficult to move. Our future projects involve using the heat press machine to make our own clothes and accesories.



Feb. 20/2017 - Project Proposal