! 2018 electric lighter

for this project i wanted to work with electricity, so im making an electric lighter, what i did at first was look on youtube checking out their tutorials learning the circuits and i knew i needed something called nicrome wire and thats really all i needed and the only thing i dont have, i looked on amazon and itd take 30 days to ship it here so im looking for substitues and i thought old toasters may have them or just wire that can heat up, i strted by making the wooden part first and drilling holes in the popcicle stick so i can put screws in and lock them in then i started gathering all the materials and set the circuit up i didnt have that wire to heat up so i used a green neon light just to see if the circuit is good and it was then i started thinking of a 3d printed case for it and i came up with one, april 30th i went to a wake and i stopped in my nans and she hooked me up with a toaster so when i got home i took that apart and got all the wire that heats up out of it and i put it on my build and it heated up that day but its not heating up anymore im not sure why but ill try to figure it out 


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