! 2018 Heat Vinyl Kaylee and Erin


Tuesday May 1st


            Erin and I were slow at starting project 2 as we had to finish our name tags for the pre-school class (project number 1). Once we got started with that project idea we were quickly motivated and eager to finish it.


Our project number 2 goal is to learn more about heat vinyl. Since the working period for project number 2 has started we have finished our project number 1, done some heat vinyl on a practice t-shirt that Mr. Hallihan provided, made Erin a t-shirt, and we are currently using heat vinyl on a canvas as it has worked better than regular sticker vinyl.


Heat vinyl is a bit more difficult than regular sticker vinyl, but it’s still not too complicated. We have learned the following things about heat vinyl:


·        The shiny side of the “sticker” must go face down on the mat as you load it into the printer.


·        Your blade must be deeper than regular sticker vinyl.


·        It can be more difficult to peel.


·        If you have words on your print, you must flip them horizontally.


Our plan for heat vinyl is helping with little projects that have been requested to Mr. Hallihan from groups or people around the community. Some things Mr. Hallihan has mentioned to us are t-shirts for the drag team, rainbow run, fly fishing club, and sweaters with the new Millerton logo on it for his daughters.


Erin is absent today, so when we get the chance we will upload some pictures to show our progress with the project. We are looking forward to learning more about heat vinyl and getting a lot more practice with it.