360 Fly/Dual GoPro Footage of the Miramichi + Beacons

May 24, 2016

Today's my birthday. This week I was able to 3D print 2 prototypes for my beacon shells, but have not come up with a final product yet. The first one was way to small and I had made an error in my design, with the letters blocking the sliding mechanism. The second one ran into problems on the Orion and was too small as well. I found out that the Orion struggles with letters because it moves so fast, and I had printed a base off that it did not need. For the next build, I have to make sure I print it hollow in order to save filament and must remeasure it again. Also, I am still waiting on Adam to confirm a date where I can set up the Beacons in Escuminac. My program for the tourists to view is not complete, but I do have most of the information ready and the links I will need. I'd like to complete this for the end of the week.

3D Print 1-http://mvhs.nbed.nb.ca/mvhs-make/gallery/beacon-shell-prototype-1

3D Print 2-http://mvhs.nbed.nb.ca/mvhs-make/gallery/beacon-shell-prototype-2

May 13, 2016

This week had a rocky start, because I was out sick for the first 2 days. On Wednesday, I got confirmation of my beacon project with the Escuminac Disaster. We purchased 3 beacons, and we plan on setting up 3 stations to commerorate the fisherman. I also plan on getting some 360 video footage of Escuminac, and possibly tie both my beacon project and this project together. I've gotten a start on shells for the beacon, and am now just deciding on a design. I've also began setting up the information I will transmit on the beacons, for tourists to use, on Locly.

Soundbites done by Miramichi Rural- http://dt16community.nbed.nb.ca/blogs/escuminacdisaster/

Locly Website- https://locly.com/


May 4, 2016

First two weeks working on this project. I spent the majoritiy of my time researching how to use both the Dual GoPro and the 360 Fly, and got to edit some 360 Fly footage of Mr. Watters OP Class and the High Elements Course. I noticed that the 360 Fly mobile editor is limited in functionality and now I have to find another, more effective way of editing the 360 video. Both of the weeks we've had were short, so it was tough to get anything major done, but I would like to start recording some footage as early as this week.

Editted Video Link- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNML4Y-JfD8

360 Fly website- https://360fly.com

Dual GoPro website- https://gopro.com/support/dual-hero-system-support

Proposal- http://mvhs.nbed.nb.ca/mvhs-make/document/360vr-video-proposal

April 22, 2016

I decided not to pursue the Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge, because I didn't have any confidence in any of the ideas I came up with. It was a difficult decision because I really enjoyed the business side with creating a module, and pitching to a panel. In the coming weeks we'll see how Adam will help with the Beacons and if I'll get any support for the Escuminac Disaster project. Also, I have decided to start learning how to record VR video footage, and this might help with content for the Escuminac Disaster Project. 

Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge Website-http://entrepreneurshipnb.ca/en/homepage/

Example VR footage- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJype_TafRk