360Fly Virtual Reality House Tours

May 24th

This week we went to hallihans class and took some 360fly video. We then editied this video and turned it into a 360 tour of his class. We also used the ipad to edit some drove footage. We then uploaded some of the videos we edited to youtube. We also edited some gopro video of bass fishing. This is the video of bass fishing we edited from the drone. This bass fishing video was filmed by using dual go pro and we also helped edit it. This week we learned how to edit a lot of different types of videos. Now we can almost turn any raw footage into a youtube video. We will also be going to take 360fly and go pro video during the striper cup. We will then edit this video and post it on youtube.

May 13th

This week you got a chance to start testing the video on the 360Fly. We did some test videos to see with the 360Fly to see what the best way to video tape a room is. We tried taking video on top of a M bot, but it turned out to be too low. We then tried a stationay video and that turned out really good. When we go into a house to for a house tour we will most likely do a stationary video. We started to edit one of the videos we took on a phone. We also 3D printed a mount for the 360 fly so we could put it on a tripod and film from a better hight.

May 4th

We continued our research on the 360Fly and learned more about it. We download the 360Fly app onto our devices so we could connect the 360Fly to our phones.We also had a chance to play round with the 360Fly. Photos

April 22nd

Business plan This week all we did was work on our business plan and researched the 360fly.