3D Printing and Scanning

March 31


This week we continued working on our L- bracket for the makerspace. We also came up with the idea, with the help of Mr Hallihan, to add a led light strip to the inside of our L-bracket. Mr. Hallihan also gave us a switch to attach to the led strip. We can program the leds to change colors and to flash or stay a solid color. We worked on refining our prototype by adding some object that relate to Makerspace. We added a hole so we can now hollow out the whole sign to run the Led strip through the entire sign.  We tryed to print the sign off multiple times but we started to have a problem with the 3D printer. The filament started to lift off of the bed again when we started to print our L-bracket. We still have fixed the problem but we tryed a few things. We tryed changing the tape, realigning the bed and by change the temperature. This things didn't work. We went to the STEM fair this week as well. We went with our prototype of our L-bracket, led strip and led switch along with a Powerpoint presentation that we prepared for the STEM Fair. It was a very interesting experience and we had the opportunity to speak to a number of technology professionals as well as present our project to them. We also got to do three different workshops with technology and science teachers that including programming robots, examining the Sun and makey makey. It was a very cool experience and we will always have the opportunity to head to the provincial STEM Fair in Fredericton in a few weeks and we are very excited for this event!

March 18th


This week we started working on our makerspace L-bracket. We made a prototype design on Tinkercad and sucessfully 3D printed in around 6 hours. We are now trying to put led lights inside the L-bracket to make it light up and to make it more noticable. On Friday we worked with Tri to fix the 3D printer that students from last years make class put together, the Printrbot Plus. Tri taught us how to troubleshot the printer. He showed us how the cirucit board works and how to test if the motors in the printer are working. He also showed us several programs that can be used to troubleshoot 3D printers such as the Printrbot. He went on to show us on 3D printers and their components actually work so we know how to troubleshoot any printer that we are having problems with. After troubleshooting on the Printrbot failed, Tri concluded that the board on the printer was fried so he brought it back to his office to see if he could fix it.

March 4th 

Failed First Print

We got a new 3d printer this week, the Ditto Pro. We had trouble get the print to stick to the bed. We troubleshooted the problem by changing the temperature to 220 degrees instead of 210 degrees. It still didn't work. The print keep moving and wouldn't stick. We tried a different painters tape and it still didn't work. After the different tape had no effect, we researched what the problem may have been online. After the research, we figured out that increasing the density and adding supports to the print may make it successful. We then experimented with changing the density of the print and set it 30% instead of hollow and also added full supports to the print. However, after changing all these setting, the print was still not successful. Mr. Hallihan emailed Mike from Dittopro about the problem and he told Mr. Hallihan to put the temperature down instead of up. Mr. Hallihan tried a print with the lower temperature and it worked. We made a pi day trophy to test it out.

Feburary 23rd

Project Proposal 

First week of 3D Printing- Photos

We started off by the week by doing our first 3D print. We found the blueprint for a phone stand on thingiverse and printed it over night to test the M3D. After we cleaned it up and it looked pretty good, we looked for other ideas on the site. We found a cool design for the Millinium star ship from Star Wars. We printed off the print to test the quality of the printer and the print came out pretty well. Finally, at the end of the week we started to play around with Tinkercad and came up with a few designs but never printed any of our creations off.