March 30, 2016

Had my first experience pitching my project, to Mr. Terry Power. The results were good, with the partnership set and a possible $100 to help with his Escuminac Disaster project. The project would allow for all the works of the kids at Miramichi Rural to go to good use, and gives me a little extra power for my pitch on April 5th. I have a good portion of my prezi done, even though I missed Thursday and yesterday(Tuesday). Also, I demoed the iBeacon for the first time. There was a glitch where I couldn't transmit my message on to the beacon, and now I'm working on fixing it. I found out that in order to view pictures and videos using the beacons, a network connection is necessary. My plans for the rest of the week are to have my prezi done for April 5th, and also fix any of the glitches on the beacon. Mr. Adam Hayward has sent me files to use to show my beacons in action, which will help my pitch immensely.

 Link to Brilliant Labs' twitter(which covers the event)

March 22, 2016

Found out that my "Beacons for the Community" project was accepted in the Superpower Challenge, so now my main focus is on coming up with a pitch for the Brilliant Labs panel in Fredericton. So far, I've brainstormed ideas to pitch and have decided to discuss the tourism aspect, where I would show videos for monuments around New Brunswick. Also, at the Friday event with all the tech people, I spoke with Mr. Adam Hayward about other uses for the Beacons, and he proposed working with Mr. Terry Power and using them with his Escuminac Disaster project. At home, I've been working on finishing the app, and have completed about half of it. Fortunately, I haven't really had any setbacks this week(besides another snow day), because I have to get this pitch ready for 2 and a half weeks from now.

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March 4, 2016

Finally got a start on the beacon app for android using IntelliJ, but had a bit of an inconsistent week, with 2 snow days and wifi issues. Over the March Break, I'd like to finish the app, so for the following week I could finally do some testing.

Also, I submitted an application to the Superpower Challenge for Beacons to use around town.



Feb. 23, 2016

I'm using a technology called Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) with devices called Beacons and my phone. The goal is to have notifications pop up on smartphones whenever people walk by these beacons, allowing for reminders and promotions to be seen by students and staff.


Project Proposal


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