Bluetooth Redbot - Dylan & James

Eighth Week - Installing Raspbian

This week we uploaded Raspbian to our Raspberry Pi. We got it onto a micro SD and were able to insert it into the Raspberry Pi, however we weren't able to interface with it because the monitor wasn't picking up any signal from the Raspberry Pi. We have now decided to switch focus to helping with the arcade machine, as our project will definitely not be done by the end of the year.



Seventh Week - Connecting Raspberry Pi

This week we worked with the raspberry pi, however we weren't able to interface due to administrator restrictions. While waiting for the admin password, we helped the bluetooth baseball group figure out how to upload their codes. We found a link to show us how to communicate with the raspberry pi, and now have the programs necessary to do so.


Sixth Week - Compiling the Code

This week we worked on trying to compile our program that we are planning to use for the USB Host Board. After nearly a full week of troubleshooting the code, we managed to get it to compile, however we are now having trouble uploading it to the board. To fix the compiling errors, we needed to search the internet for libraries that we were missing. We found them on Github, however when we tried to download them they were all in one large compressed folder; we needed them to be in three separate compressed folders and we had to figure out how to do so. We extracted the libraries that we needed from the larger file, and zipped each of them separately then added them to our Arduino IDE. The program successfully compiled our code afterwards.



Fifth Week - Building the Next Model

This week we received the Arduino Bluetooth Shield to aid in our project. We have yet to get it working, as we have to re-debug the drive code, however once we get it to work it will eliminate the need for the HC-06 module, and will allow us to drive our Redbot with a Play Station controller. This will hopefully eliminate our current problem of overloading the board when we try to go forward and turn at the same time.


Second Project Proposal


Fourth Week - Successful Bluetooth Communication

This week we were able to use a UNB robotics site to help us with our code and hardware. The site helped to expedite the coding and debugging process as well as allowing us to make the bot function with only one board instead of two, using up less power and increasing battery life. We were also able to control the Redbot's motors via Bluetooth using our laptop's keyboard and a terminal emulator.


Third Week - Fixing the Chassis

Our Redbot decided to drive itself off the table this week. After fixing the Redbot, we attempted to upload our code to the Arduino via Bluetooth. We ran into quite a few problems when trying to upload to Arduino, and checked many websites for a solution to our problem. As of yet, we have not found a solution.


Second Week - Building the Redbot

This week we decided to add an Arduino Uno and a bread board to our Redbot so that we could connect the Bluetooth to it. We attached the Bluetooth module to the breadboard, and managed to get it powered on and connected to the computer.


First Week - Arduino circuit

This week we learned how to use Arduino by completing SIK guide codes #1-6. We learned how to hook up LED's in many ways including: light sensors, push buttons, 8 LEDs working in succession, and potentiometers. We also changed values within the codes so that we could make lights blink faster or in different ways; an example of this was that we reprogrammed the circuit so that whe we pushed one button the lights would stay off, however if we pressed both buttons the lights would turn on.


Dylan and James' Bluetooth Redbot proposal

Guilherme's Redbot Robotics proposal