Drone Project - MAKE 120

Journal Entry #1

For our first week brainstorming on ideas, Cole and I concluded that we're going to be working on something that involves drones. As of April 22, 2016, we currently have the idea where we have to 3D print an object, which will attach to the drone, so that things can be either carried by the drone to somewhere else, or be able to attach to various cameras for better footage. We also had to download a specific app, designed for the drone, so that we are able to connect to the drones wifi to control it. We each had a turn test piloting the drone during yesterdays class. The link to our project proposal for our second build will be left below.



Journal Entry #2

  As of May 4th 2016, Logan and I are currently bettering our skills on piloting the drone. We each have flown the Parrot 2.0 Drone many times and are working our way up to being able to fly the Phantom 3 Advanced drone. This will require us to be instructed on the controls and functions of the drone. For our next few classes, we will be brainstorming ideas on attachements for the drone.   


Journal Entry #3

As of May 13th 2016, Logan and I are currently printing off different parts for the Parrot Drone. Our goal is to be able to feed a string through the drone for a basket to be attached, which will be able to lift and transport different items, generally around the same size of the basket.


Journal Entry #4

As of May 13, 2016, Cole and I have been experimenting with Thingaverse to see options for our lily pad idea. We have already installed some cut up pool noodles to the bottom of our landing mechanism. We brought the Parrot drone that had the cut up noodles attached to the pool to see if it would float. With much doubt from the class and also from us, the lily pad idea actually shocked us some, as it floated perfectly in the pool. We have plans to further better the lily pad idea, which means better landing bouyancy.