!! Infinity Table Warren

Journal Entry #2 The past few weeks have been really productive, After affing the one window on with the film applyed i had to wait a few days to get the second film in. Applying the second film took a day to do with the help of jordan. The only little problem i ran into was while i was adding leds, they werent working correctly but everything ended up working fine. Just recently we painted the table a dark purple again with the help of jordan. the last step is to add table legs and the project should be done! (video)

Journal Entry #1 December 4th : My next project was on the Infinity table! I never got started on it yet due to finishing the arcades, but i was able to finish both arcades and get both of them running perfectly! (Arcade Picture) Now that i have both done i am able to start working on the infinity table starting with the glass and applying the film over both panes. Will update soon with finished windows and starting of project.

Project Proposal 2