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Posted: October 31, 2014

Many thanks to fellow ROV user David Murphy for taking the time to Skype with us this morning!  Very informative and a great opportunity for students to ask questions.  I have attached the topics discussed so we can reference this document next week when working on our ROV.  Excited to try to fix some of issues and follow-up with a dive!
PDF icon skpe_session_with_david_murphy.pdf117.56 KB

Posted: October 22, 2014

We did our second dive in the pool...this time students were in control of the ROV.  Before the dive, we mounted the GoPro 3 on top of the ROV and adjusted the weights to the front bar.  We also researched a way to reduce the condensation...decided to put a silica pack inside the camera tube and sprayed the o-rings with silicone spray to hopefully get a better seal.  We setup the screencastify program so we could capture the cockpit this time. Check out our video that highlights some of the footage captured on our dive in the pool.  We had students swim with the robot so we would be able to get more dynamic video than just an empty pool.  At the same time, they captured pictures/video with a GoPro 1 using a helmet mount.  We also used an iphone 5s to capture some video/pictures along with the screencastify recorder and GoPro 3. Overall, dive went well as students were able to do the following:  inspect the ROV in pairs with two checklists, setup the ROV for the dive, drive the ROV using keyboard controls, capture video/pictures using cameras on their phones and swim with ROV. We are still in need of some help with some issues...-  gamepad control...can copy the updated code to put into gamepad.js but unsure how to save changes in cockpit?-  water in the camera tube along with condensation...still had condensation but this time a little bit of water too?  Better way to seal the device?-  rust on top motor...sprayed before dive and wiped dry after dive - unsure of how to remove props/motors to rinse with water and alcohol?-  acsend/descend seem to be switched...fix with code and load onto ROV? Looks like we will be back into the workroom both researching and modifying the ROV before our next pool test.  With any luck, we hope to sort out this issues with our third dive and our goal is to have the fourth dive somewhere on a Miramichi Watershed!

Posted: October 21, 2014

Must be completed each time we do a dive!
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Posted: October 9, 2014

Must go through the pre-dive checklist each time we do a dive...print and record inspection.  After dive, place this document in the dive log binder.
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Be sure to check out this video for instruction on soldering...this will be a skill you will need to do at some point when we begin to assemble a second device from the kit.  Many thanks to Mr. Whalen for stopping by to help us!
Yesterday we finished the battery update and we connected the ROV to the computer...lights were on so we have power.  Today, we plan to setup the cockpit and install the gamepad.  

Posted: October 7, 2014

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This video highlights of Mr. Hallihan Catching a a big salmon and releasing it!This video includes Fade cuts and such and a few other things thanks to the fact that I was allowed to edit using Sony Vegas!


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