Gerry Cormier Memorial Scholarship

Posted: May 23, 2018

Terms & Conditions of Eligibility


1.         The program offers these scholarships to a student graduating from James M. Hill or Miramichi Valley High School and entering an accredited post-secondary institution.


2.         A Scholarship Committee will meet in June each year to make the selections.


3.         Selection will be based on academic standing, participation in school related activities, community service, character and financial need.


4.         All decisions of the Committee will be final.


5.         Payment of the award to one successful applicants will be made in the amount of $500 for each school mentioned above, upon proof of enrolment in an accredited post-secondary institution.


6.         Please arrange to provide to us, separate from this application two (2) letters of reference – 1) academic 2) personal from non-relative


All inquiries should be addressed to the Guidance Counselor.


Application deadline is June 6th, 2018.  Applications may be dropped off at the main office.