Mr. Girouard

Welcome To Our Page

Posted: April 6, 2020

As everyone has my cell phone number, it has been great speaking to many of you over the past days and weeks.  (Hoping we all stay well in the months ahead.)  With the diversity of courses offered at the MVHS Alt. Site, I will address each student's needs individually through email according to their particular situation.  I have begun emailing (sometimes Messenger) assignments and as soon as contact information is attained I will respond with work for each of you.  

Also, with approximately 15 days remaining until my annual 'retirement', I have created files on each of you to facilitate a smooth transition.  

Concerns that I have received from you have been forwarded to administration for consideration and as decisions are reached I will relay the information to you.

Finally, if each of you could contact me at as soon as possible, I will send the appropriate assignments your way.

Take care!