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Posted: October 23, 2014

Mitosis quiz Complete DNA worksheet Complete procedure for p 182-183 - Cancer activity

Posted: October 20, 2014

Page 198 Questions 1,2,3,4,6 & 7   Hand in 5.8 if you haven't done so yet.

Posted: October 14, 2014

Review -cell parts & function - quiz Thursday Review Mitosis - phases HOMEWORK Page 153 #1,2,3,5,6,8,9 Review parts of Microscope

Posted: October 3, 2014

Test Wednesday on all material covered in chapter 2 cycling of matter in ecosystem pesticides bioamplification DDT Spruce Budworm Carbon Cycle nitrogen cycle Agriculture and nutrient cycles

Posted: October 1, 2014

 Satellites in Low Earth Orbit   1,2,3,4 in your notebook RADARSAT p 496 What is it?  What function does it serve ?   What is ISS? ISS p 498-499    What country's were involved in the building and operation of ISS?   What are some uses for ISS?   What areas of expertise do Canadians bring to the ISS?  Read pages 492-495 Answer questions 

Posted: September 30, 2014

Review concepts on the life of a star, how planets formed, evidence of the universe expanding,  The Big Bang. Test coming up at the end of the week.

Posted: September 30, 2014

Review carbon cycle. Read through section on Nitrogen cycle page 67-68Answer  questions 2-5  

Posted: September 18, 2014

Review Chapter 1 Key terms on pg 45 (except albedo, extirpated, threatened, vulnerable) Concept map using key terms (see example p 45) Questions p 46-47 1,2,3,6,7,9,12

Posted: September 11, 2014

Homework - Complete Food Chain questions 1-12  & Food Web Questions 1-15 - both found on attached worksheets FooD Web & trophic Level websites  
Microsoft Office document icon food_chains_and_webs.doc219.5 KB

Posted: September 10, 2014

Planet Assignment Fill in the Planet database worksheet Try NASA website or other reliable sources for most up to date information. Cite the website(s) used on the bottom of your word document. In a Word document find two facts about each planet that you will be able to remember, print out a copy for yourself and one to be handed in for marks.
File planet_database_0.docx11.81 KB


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