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Posted: March 26, 2018

Answers to the review questions

PDF icon chapter_17_review_answers.pdf2.57 MB

Posted: March 22, 2018

Answers to Worksheet on heat of formation and Hess's Law

Small assessment on 17.4 Friday

Section Review worksheet attached for review

Posted: March 21, 2018

Example from today 

Complete both sides of the worksheet assigned 

PDF icon answers_examples_mar_21.pdf1.54 MB

Posted: March 20, 2018

Notes from today & assignment near the end 


Office presentation icon ch17_lesson17_4.ppt1.04 MB

Posted: March 15, 2018

Complete the assigned worksheet on Energy changes involving phase changes- sheet attached

Posted: March 15, 2018

Chem 112 Chapter 5 assignment

Posted: March 15, 2018

Notes and assignments for this week so far

Guided reading just do section 5.1 & 5.2

 Thursday's assignment is in my photos as I couldn't find the document and was unable to scan it

Posted: March 13, 2018

notes from today & home work questions

Section review sheet will be attached as well


Posted: February 28, 2018

Planet Project

File planet_project_descrip.docx23.09 KB
File planet_database.docx12.8 KB

Posted: February 28, 2018

Today's notes

File 17.3_heat_in_changes_of_state.pptx337.17 KB


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