Task #2 - Final Project Proposal

Posted: May 6, 2015

Save this electronic copy and rename as your group.  (1) Outline what you would like do using the available technologies.  This could include further developing the technology, expanding on the technology or applying the technology.  One important aspect of any build is communication.  Be sure to visit any websites related to the technology, sign up for any newsletters/forums and check out the social media sites.   (2)  Document all of these resources on your proposal by making hyperlinks.  It will be important to research the technology and search for possible ideas/designs/builds.  Your final build does not need to be unique but be sure to customize for your own needs.   (3) List materials needed, include designs through a sketches/pictures and state what objectives/goals are set for your build. DUE:  TASK #2 Project Proposal must be completed by Friday, May 8th at the beginning of class. [ONLY ONE PROPOSAL PER GROUP NEED TO BE SUBMITTED]    


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