Semester 1 Exams 2020 and Exam Cancellations.

Posted: January 7, 2020

Please note that exam week will be January 20-24 and the turnaround days will be January 27-28.  Semester two will begin on January 29.  A copy of the exam schedule is attached. 

In case of a cancellation due to weather.

Everything possible will be done to have exams completed during exam week.  In case of cancellations, there will be two exams on certain days.  Here are some scenarios.

If Monday is cancelled, all Monday exams will be moved to Tuesday.  Tuesday exams will take place on Wednesday morning.  Wednesday exams will take place on Thursday morning.  Friday morning will stay as scheduled and originally scheduled Thursday exams will be written at 12:30 on Friday.

If Tuesday is cancelled, the exam will take place on Wednesday afternoon at 12:30

If Wednesday is cancelled, the exam will take place Thursday at 12:30

If Thursday is cancelled, the exam will take place on Friday at 12:30.

If Friday is cancelled, then the Friday schedule will take place as is on Monday.

If there are two cancellations in exam week, every effort will be made to complete exams in the same week.  There will be two days of two exams. 

Our school website, Facebook and talk mail will be updated with current schedules.