SuperPowerChallenge Finalists

Posted: March 16, 2016

     The Student Superpower Challenge is a a creative, entrepreneurial & innovative competition for Maritime high school students.  Students submitted a proposal to create some cool solutions to the problems they see.  for more information you can check out this site:   With over 100 submissions from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, MVHS has made the top 10 for NB with TWO entries...

Beacons for the Community - congrats to Shafkat Ahmed!

S.T.E.V.E - congrats to James Murphy, Jonathan Grant & Chris Cooke!

Now, these groups will be meeting with a mentor/coach to help prepare a 'pitch' to hopefully make their idea a reality and have the support they need to make it happen.  The finals will be on April of luck to these groups! 

Here are the details on the next stage...the PITCH: (link is external)

Here are the other schools/proposals that have been selected: