MVHS Fly Fishing Club...Season #5

Posted: March 28, 2012

MVHS Fly Fishing Club: Pulamoo Pin The club had a meeting yeasterday after school to discuss the upcoming season.  We had a great turnout of close to 20 interested students and we are hoping more will check us out next week.  We have decided to meet weekly on Tuesday after school and we have a number of activities planned this year.  Some of the highlights will include...   -  the usual:  knot tying, equipping your rod, rules & regulations, biology/anatomy of Atlantic Salmon and casting techniques. -  guest speakers:  local author Doug Underhill, Geoff Giffin from the Atlantic Salmon Association, local DNR/DFO officers -  activities:  spey casting with local guide Jason Curtis, canoe/poling with Paul McKinnon, casting techniques with NSER club -  field trip:  Doaktown Salmon Museum -  FISHING TRIPS:  spring salmon fishing, June 4 on the Northwest, July on Main Southwest, Cains River???, Restigouche??? All those interested in joining are encouraged to come out to our next meeting on Tuesday, April 3 after school in Mr. Hallihan's classroom.  We are planning to ty some knots (equipment will be provided but feel free to bring your own gear to equip your rod/reel for the upcoming season).