Tight lines on the Bartibog with Eric Gilliss

Posted: September 27, 2011

Eric Gilliss' Bartibog SalmonThis past weekend Eric Gilliss landed a beautiful salmon on the Bartibog River.  Here is his fishing story in his own words..."He was 32 inches long, a solid 12 pounder. Took a #6 Shady with a red butt, black hackle and crystal flash. He put up a good fight. I was fishing in front a camp and the owners were there for supper. When it became obvious that I had a fish on the lad came down with his landing net in one hand and his son, around 5 or 6 up on his shoulder. The kid was even more excited than I was so I gave him the rod and let him play the fish for a bit, he was well hooked so he wasn't going anywhere. That picture doesn't do his coloration justice, never seen a fish as red as he was, just beautiful!"