Grade 10 Phys Ed

Posted: November 9, 2011

  September, 2013   Will be swimming every Thursday when possible. Classroom days will be every Wednesday, Gym wear is needed for the other 4 days. Muscle and Bones assignment due October 9th  Physical Education  10   This is a participation based course that requires each student to have and change into proper gym clothes and footwear for each and every class in the gym or outdoors. Participation Mark – 50% - Each and every day students will receive a mark out of 5 for the following:  Proper attire, effort, participation, being on time, following gym rules, good sportsmanship, respecting others, ability to follow game rules, assisting the teacher and performing a predetermined goal or outcome. Outcomes – 20% - For each outcome covered students will receive a mark based on their level of knowledge, ability and development. Fitness – 10% - During the term fitness tests will be done to determine the fitness level of the student for their age group. Classroom – 20% - Classroom days will occur 1 day a week.  Assignments, projects and class work along with a neatly kept and up to date notebook will determine this portion.  Units to be covered: Fitness: Individual fitness plans and goals will be set and monitored during the semester Invasion games: soccer, basketball, floor hockey, lacrosse, rugby, flag football, ultimate Frisbee…etc Net/Wall Games:  badminton, tennis, volleyball, etc… Striking/Fielding Games:  softball, soccer baseball, etc… Target Games:  archery, golf, etc… Dance Adventure:  challenge course, indoor climbing wall, geo-caching