Home Learning: What do you need?

Posted: April 4, 2020

As we prepare to provide students with the opportunity to continue their learning in courses from home, there are a few essential items that will be necessary on your part.  The sooner you get yourself connected with the proper Team, the smoother things will go moving forward.

1) Smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer: I will try and make as much content as possible accessible through a Smartphone to avoid conflicts at home with others that may be in need of electronic devices for school/work.

2) Access to your school email account and our Microsoft Teams page: The primary source of managing content and communication will be using Teams.  I recommend downloading the Teams app to your Smartphone as this will keep you updated with notifications of any new activity in the course.  There is a link on the school webpage indicating how you can receive help in retrieving your password.  If you are struggling with this, I may also be able to help reset your password if you reach out via email.  The youtube video below will be useful if you have not yet set up and worked within the Teams environment...


I am also attaching a document in this message that outlines the process for accessing your student email login and password.

3) Patience and an open mind: This will be a new experience for all of us, so expect lots of struggles.  That is how we will learn and get through this process.  Hopefully by June we will all develop a set of new technology/communication skills, while also learning some mathematical concepts.  If you feel that we could make any changes or modifications to how we are doing things, please reach out at any time via email with suggestions or ideas.


Our goal is to make the best of an unfortunate situation that is beyond our control.