The Last Tasmanian 1-6

Posted: December 9, 2011

  Chapter 1 1) What do you think the purpose of the introduction is? 2) How might this have some relevance to the people of Brennan Siding 3) Why is Shad so sad at the beginning of the chapter? What are his thoughts fixated on? 4) What did the boys catch in their net? 5) Explain the confusion at the end of the chapter. What happened and what did the characters think happened? 6) Why is Lillian Wallace so troubled? 7) On a separate page keep a record of the Tasmanian Story. Chapter 2   1) Describe Shad's parents. Give 2 or 3 character traits for each one and give references to the text. 2) What are they fighting about? 3) Describe Shad's outfit and appearance in detail. Who is he trying to look like? 4) Why are Dryfly and Lillian breaking up? 5) What makes Dry feel better? Chapter 3   1) Explain Hilda Porter's concerns. 2) Why is Dryfly concerned for the baby his mother will have? Do you agree with him? Explain. 3) List two positive things that happen to Dryfly in the chapter. 4) Do you think Dry will take Bill up on his offer? Why/why not?   Chatper 4 1) What has changed at Shirley's house since Nutbeam has come to live there? 2) Why are Dry and his mother worrying about him working for Bill?   3) Hilda gives more information on Tasmania. Write it on your page set aside for this. Chapter 5   1) Explain what Hilda Porter does about her "man" Dilemma. 2) Lindon Tucker hears a bird that he can't identify. Is it the first time he heard it? Where did he here it before? What does the bird symbolize?   3) Sum up in a short paragraph what Dryfly thinks of the American influence on Canada (make at least 5 points). Chapter 6   2) What is the point of Lillian's letter to Dry? 3) What effect does John Kaston's vision have on you as a reader? 4) Describe the "evil presence" in this chapter. What are the signs? 5) Hilda Tells her story again. Write the new facts on your seperate page.   6) How is Shad changing his style? Why?