The Sniper Questions

Posted: October 5, 2011

1. What are the conflicts in this story? Briefly explain each conflict as it occurs within the story. 2. How does the setting enable the story’s action and conflict? 3. How does the sniper’s specific location shape his decisions? 4. Cite three examples (direct quotes) where O’Flaherty uses words and images to reinforce the pervasiveness of death in the story.  5. Cite three examples where O’Flaherty uses words that are onomatopoeic. Remember that words that are onomatopoeic are words that vocally imitate the sounds they denote (ex: bang).  6. O’Flaherty uses specific language and words to describe both shooting scenes. Explain how his word choice integrates/reinforces the emotions of the sniper. Be sure to use textual examples to support your answer.  7. Do you think that O’Flaherty wants us to think of the sniper’s "brother" only as his familial, or blood brother? Explain.