To Build a Fire Questions

Posted: February 9, 2011

To Build a Fire To Build A Fire Questions   1.        Where does the story take place? When? What is his dog’s name? Why is he there? 2.       How cold is it? 3.       Where is the Chechaquo heading? 4.       How is he packed? Why? What kind of shoes is he wearing? 5.       What happens when the Chechaquo tries to stop for lunch? What does he decide?  What happens to his lunch when he tries to eat it? 6.       What happens to the Chechaquo while walking on the creek? 7.       Describe the process that the Chechaquo uses to start the fire. 8.       What advice had the old timer given the Chechaquo? 9.       What happens to the Chechaquo’s fire? What is the problem when he tries to light another fire? 10.   Why does the Chechaquo try to kill his dog? 11.   What happens to the Chechaquo in the end? 12.   What mistakes if any did the Chechaquo make?  What would you have done differently?