Tournament Assignment Reposted

Posted: January 12, 2011

Leadership Tournament Assignment   Answer all questions on your own paper.  You must include a proper title page.     1.  You are in charge of paying officials at a round robin hockey tournament.  There are three officials for each game.  The referee is paid $35 for each game and the two linesmen each receive $25 for each game.  There are 6 teams at this tournament, how much money do you need to budget for officials?  (Value 5)   2.  Draw a bracket for a single elimination consolation with eight teams where each team is guaranteed 3 games.  Make up fictional names for the eight teams.  List the teams in the order the finish from 1st to 8th. (Value 10)   3.  Draw a bracket for a double elimination tournament with eight teams.  Make up fictional names for the eight teams.  (Value 10)   4.  Make up a tournament schedule for a 6 team divisional round robin.  Make up the names of the six teams and place them in divisions.  Make up the schedule and who won each game.  Your tournament must have crossovers and a third place game.  List the teams in the order they finish from 1 to 6.  (Value 10)   5.  Write a paragraph on how the NCAA basketball tournament works.  Include in your write-up, what kind of tournament it is, how many teams are in it, how teams are selected etc. (Value 5)