Language Arts 9 Mrs. Mac

Posted: February 16, 2015

Quickwrite for Thursday, February 11, 2015Johnny's Defense:If you were a lawyer defending Johnny, what would you use as your main defense?  Take on the voice of his lawyer and give an opening statement at the trial. Read Chapter 6 Questions for Chapters 4-6 due Tuesday, February 17, 2015Critical Questions Chapters 4-6Answer in complete sentences.1.  Why is it Johnny, the most "law-abiding" member of the gang, who ends up committing      a murder? 2.   Why does Johnny start to become less timid and more in charge after the murder? 3.   Why does Ponyboy relax after he and Johnny have a cry and fall asleep? Why is he sure        he and Johnny "could take whatever was coming now"? 4.    Although Johnny and Ponyboy are similar in many ways, why does Johnny worship       Dally, while Ponyboy likes him least of all the gang members? 5.  Why can Ponyboy talk about nature and poetry to Johnny, but not to most of the      others? (78)6.   Why do Johnny and Ponyboy rush into the burning church to save the children?      Why aren’t they scared? 7.  Why does Johnny look like he is having "the time of his life" as they risk their lives      to save the children? 8.  Why is Ponyboy finally able to realize that Darry loves him?