Language Arts 9 Mrs. Mac

Posted: February 6, 2015

Quickwrite for February 6, 2015Quick Write:  "Things are rough all over."In chapter 2, Ponyboy and Cherry's discussion 
reveals that, despite different methods of coping, 
Socs and greasers must deal with difficulties.  What are the difficulties that you deal with in your life?Do you agree with Cherry?  Explain We worked on 6 word memoirs for the characters in The Outsiders.I don't believe my own lies. PonyboyLost family; gained a new one.  Darry Too many nightmares, scared to sleep.  JohnnyScars inside and outside never fade JohnnyBorn hoodlum; never stood a chance.  Dally Critical questions for chapters 1-3 due Monday.  Use full sentecnes and put on looseleaf to hand in.