Valuable Reasons to Read and Write

Posted: September 12, 2011

Valuable Reasons to Write: 1.     Writing is hard, but “hard” is rewarding. 2.    Writing helps you sort things out. 3.    Writing helps to persuade others 4.    Writing helps to fight oppression. 5.    Writing makes you a better reader. 6.    Writing makes you smarter. 7.    Writing helps you get into and through post secondary education. 8.    Writing prepares for you for the world of work.                        Valuable Reasons to Read: 1.    Reading is hard, but “hard” is necessary.  Hard is rewarding. 2.    Reading builds a mature vocabulary. 3.    Reading makes you a better writer. 4.    Reading makes you smarter. 5.    Reading prepares you for the world of work. 6.    Reading well is financially rewarding. 7.    Reading opens the door to post secondary and beyond. 8.    Reading arms you against oppression.