May 24th

Posted: May 24, 2012

English 112A (Period 4): "The Lost Love of Tommy Waterfield" questions are due tomorrow.  Also, the big day is just around the corner!  After school, we will be rehearsing for our film.  Saturday is filming day!!!  Be at the main entrance of the school at 12pm, ready to start.  Also, remember to bring in $2.00 for pizza.   English 112A (Period 3): Today we looked at some interesting statistics from the 2011 NB Population Health Snapshot.  Your assignment is to: Analyze the data that has been given to you and complete the following activity: Look at the results of the "Life Satisfaction"  and "Perceived Health" surveys.  Compare these to the results of the other surveys.  In an essay (minimum of two pages), explain the irony of these results.  Your piece can include:   analysis of the data (what are the numbers and what do they mean) how the results are ironic what has caused these results (use your own knowledge and experiences living in the Miramichi area to comment on this) This assignment is due on Tuesday.  The graphs can be obtained directly from me if you were not present today.