To Kill a Mockingbird 50th Anniversary Video Montage

Posted: February 24, 2011

I am pleased to finally publish our English 10A video on the website.  The video was created as a collaborative project in answer to the question, "Is To Kill a Mockingbird still relevant today?"  The students' answer to this question becomes clear as you watch the video. The students began the project by brainstorming ideas for the montage.  Then the students were divided according to interest, and they began creating their piece of the montage in groups.  When all of the pieces were complete, we discussed all of the videos and storyboarded them, so that our video would have fluency. One of the groups came up with the idea to split the church scene into two pieces, to act as the introduction and conclusion of our video - an idea that really brings the video full circle. This was a truly rewarding experience for all of the students.  The collaborative nature of the project was intense and the use of technology taught students great skills in endurance, problem solving, and critical thinking.  Most of the students have commented that writing an essay on the same question would have been easier, but they all agree that the video has been much more rewarding. The version of the video that is published on the website is a compressed version.  As the video is 15 minutes long, it was too large in size to keep in its original format for the website.  Therefore, the quality might be somewhat affected.  Please contact me if you want a non-compressed version. Congratulations again to the students for winning a CUTE Award for 21st Century Learning, for their efforts in producing this video.