Grade 9: Extended Narrative

Posted: October 28, 2015

Extended Narrative AssignmentSo far in this unit, this is what we have done:Looked at sample extended narratives and discussed how they are made up of snapshot moments (it isn't necessarily a story told from beginning to end; rather, it is a collection of moments based in a place, or all about the same emotion or person)Sketched a place that is significant to youCreated a storyboard of memories you have of that placeWhere we are now:Decide on what memories from your storyboard to include in your narrative. What will be the theme that will tie everything together?Choose one of the moments and write it as a snapshot moment (due Friday) Other work:I passed back your snapshot moment assignments, and explained how the Independent Correction Sheet works. Make sure you show me the corrections so 10% isn't deducted from your assignment.Reading reflection #1 is due next Friday, November 6. Make sure you have your novel and assignment complete by then!