Grade 9, NIGHT Section 1 questions.

Posted: February 11, 2020

1. Describe the character Moshe the Beadle. 

2. How Old is Elie at the end of 1941? 

3. describe Elie's family. 

4. Explain how Moshe has changed. 

5. What do you think Moshe means when he tells Elie that he has come to tell the story of his death? 

6. Why dosent Elie's father request permits to palenstine? 

7. What is viewed as the "deaths head"? 

8. What was the bad news that Elie's father had to tell the perople of the Ghetto communities? 

9. How does Elie describe the ghetto once the people had been deported? 

10. Whom does Elie first begin to hate and why?