Grade 9: Period 3 & 4

Posted: September 12, 2019


Students are reminded to read each night for a total of 2 hours outside of class weekly. 

1. Students were given the class to work on Where I'm From poems. Poems are to be drafted and a final copy in their writers notebook for tomorrow. Students were exposed to several samples of this type of poem. Poems should be 10 lines and follow the following format:

I Am From

1.  list of your favourite foods

2.  describe all the sights and sounds on the ?way to school

3.  your favourite relative and explain why

4.  a keepsake that you will never throw ?away

5.  a family saying or expression

6.  a place where you feel the safest

7.  somewhere you would like to return to if ?you had the time or money

8.  something that happens to you everyday ?in spite of trying to change

9.  your first memory

10.  an emotion

                 I am from