L.A. IV Homework

Posted: January 12, 2011

1. You are a member of the Dead Poets Society. You are in the headmaster's office. Your parents are there. You are asked to sign the document. What are your thoughts at this moment? Do you sign? Why? What do you think Todd did? Why? 2. You are a talented actor. It is your chosen career. Your father wants you to study medicine. You have been offered the lead in a play. You are determined to act in the play, but you need your father's permission. You know he won't give it. What do you do? Why? How does your decision compare with Neil's? Why are they similar or different? 3. You have just met the most beautiful girl you have ever seen. You decide to ring her up. She invites you to a party. You know she already has a boyfriend who will be there. What do you do? How does you decision compare with Charlie's? Why is it similar or different? 4. Imagine a meeting between Todd and Charlie in ten years' time. How have they changed? 5. What would John Keating do next? Where would he go? What job would he do? How would the incident at his old school impact on his life?