Natural Science 9

Posted: May 29, 2012

Answer questions 1-7 for homework.   The life of a Star (pages 468-471). 1.      Explain gravity. 2.      Explain how a nebula turns into a cloud leading to a star(3 steps)? 3.      What happens when a star runs out of the fuels needed to produce energy?  4.      What is a supernova?  During this stage, what happens to the core of the star? Ø  When our Sun eventually swells into a red giant star, its outer layers will grow to be about 100 times its present size swallowing up Mercury, Venus, Earth and maybe even Mars 5.      What is a neutron star? 6.      What is a pulsar? 7.      What type of stars can eventually turn into a black hole? 8.      What is a black hole? Ø  The word hole is misleading because it sounds as though there is nothing there; it actually has a huge amount of matter packed into a sphere only a few kilometers across.  It is so compact that a handful of it would have a mass of 10 billion cars. 9.      Describe the life of a low mass star and that of a star 10 times bigger than our sun 10.  Explain the terms red giants, red supergiants and white dwarfs. 11.  Explain how a star goes from Major part of life to death. Become familiar with figure 2 on page 469.