Physical Science 10

Posted: March 3, 2011

TEST Friday March 4th   Review     2 table was organized by atomic mass b. same group have similiar properties c. noble gases are very unreactive gases d. alkali metals include sodium, potassium and lithium e. halogens include fluorine, chlorine and bromine f. metalloids are elements that have both metallic and non metallic properties g. the atomic number increases from left to right across a row of the periodic table 4. A period is a row and a group is a column in the periodic table 5. a) metals are found on the left and centre. b) non-metals are found on the right. 6. a. Alkali metals from 1+ ions   b. Halogens form 1- ions 9. A - 6 B - 4 C- 1 D - 3 E - 5 F - 2   10. A ) Elements in the third row have three orbits b) Elements in the fourth row have four orbits c) The period in the table also represents the number of orbits in the element`s electronic structure 11. a) 13 b)2,8,3 c) cloest noble gas neon d) must lose 3 to form a stable ion e ) the ion will have a charge of 3+ 15. Metals, polymers, composites and ceramics 16. a) composite - for its strength b) ceramic - for its heat insulation c) metal - for its strenth d) polymer - chosen for flexibility e) composite - for its breathability and wrinkle-resistance 1