Miramichi’s First Annual Indoor Rugby Tournament

Posted: February 22, 2010

March 6, 2010  Regristration at 10a.m. Details: ·       5 vs. 5 indoor touch rugby ·       Teams of 6 players. Subs on the fly ·       Same rules as buggers (no kicking; two hand tag) ·       2 five minute halves ·       1 ref on the sideline ·       Teams will call their own tags; if need be, the ref will step in and call the tag (or lack thereof ) ·       Once tagged the defending team has to give a metre ·       After tagged, player has to tap with foot; he can run with the ball ·       No out of bounds. Just stay within the gym walls ·       To score a try one needs to touch the end walls with the rugby ball (no need to touch the floor) ·       5 $ per player to play(all proceeds go to getting players insured by rugby Canada this summer) ·       Teams will be made the day of the tournament by random selection ·       There will be a skills competition at 1 p.m. 2$ to enter, and the winner takes all. More details will be provided the day of. ·       Tournament starts at 10 a.m. ·       First game to start at 10:20 a.m.