Mount Allison University Info

Posted: October 28, 2020

Please note that a promocode is included to waive the application fee. 


As information moves more and more into digital formats, we’ve compiled a ‘digital suitcase’ of materials and resources for your and 

your student’s reference. Please see all items either attached or hyperlinked below:


·       Digital Viewbooks and Video Viewbook – Canadian, International, and Francophone brochures as well as a series of short videos on a variety of topics

·       15 Reasons Admissions Presentation – 15min video that could be used in place of a MS Teams or Zoom presentation, or simply shared with interested students to view on their own time (honestly I think it’s way more engaging than a video call and does a good job overviewing the university and info relevant to a prospective student)

·       Request Information Form – for any student wishing to receive information and updates throughout the year from Mount A


It’s been a tough year. In the interest of generating smilesJ: If a student is ready to apply, they can use the following promocode to waive the $50.00 application fee: futuremountie21


Then, if any student is interested to schedule a one on one meeting with me over the course of the Fall, I am happy to do so! Share my email or work cell (506) 961-0633.