UNB Application Fee Waiver

Posted: November 17, 2020

UNB is offering a FREE application for Canadian High School students who attend any of our virtual recruitment events. These virtual events include school visits, one-on-one recruiter meetings, virtual tours, and any other recruitment events that requires pre-registration to attend. 


Pre-registration and attendance for any Recruitment event taking place after November 16th, 2020 provides for a free application either at the time of the event or following until March 31st, 2021, the application deadline.


I want to thank you very much for your feedback regarding free applications as your input has been significant in being able to offer this to your students.


A reminder that students can use this link to book with me: Book with Brooke

If you have any questions please reach out!


Recruitment Officer • Student Recruitment
C 1-506-478-1746



University of New Brunswick—UNB—There are multiple virtual information sessions covering a wide array of topics. You are able to RSVP to any of the sessions listed below at unb.ca/futurestudents:

UNB 101—December 1st@ 7:30pm; December 2nd@ 8:30pm

Q & A sessions—In the first 10 minutes, they will share as much info as they can about the topic of the session.  In the next 20 minutes, they will answer questions.

Scholarships Q & A—November 17th @7:30pm; November 18th @ 8:30pm

Student Services Q & A—November 24th @ 7:30pm; November 25th @ 8:30pm